Dump truck at a copper mine in Latin America
Industrial belt conveyor. Earth moving equipment.
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Events im Rohstoffbereich (en)

June 2021 - Sucess factors for revitalising post-mining areas


Post-mining areas can be a potential for economic development; a frequently visited tourist destination, an oasis of wild life, or a showcase of the mining region. They can also relate to environmental or social problems that raise concerns and even resistance to new mineral resource exploitation developments. Revitalization, understood as a socio-economic or natural revival, has been implemented for hundreds of years before this concept entered legal systems. However, not all planned revitalisation projects are successful. Why? The aim of the workshop is to present selected examples, and define and discuss about success factors or reasons for failure with people dealing with the management of revitalized facilities on a daily basis. Also a study will be conducted to rank the success and failure factors. The workshop is addressed to representatives of: mining industry, self-governments, museums and other facilities established in post-mining areas, the R&D sector, mining enterprises, consulting companies, institutions managing funds for revitalisation, students, and all enthusiasts of mining heritage. We cordially invite you to the first workshop of the ReviRIS project to learn from each other!   Register here: Download the program