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The project consortium of “ENhancing the skills for theAChievemenT of SDGs”, EnAct-SDGs, will cooperate in orderto develop an Action Plan that will act as a driver to modernizethe RM education practices to ensure the incorporationof the Sustainable Development principles in the educationalprogrammes of the ESEE Universities, strengthen the skillsand increase the capacity of University graduates and RMprofessionals.During the project a number of actions will take place andmethodological tools will be adopted so as: (a) to build adynamic self-sustained network between the Industry, Academia,Researchers and Professionals of the RM sector;(b) to initially assess the existing Educational programmesof the Beneficiary Universities; (c) to take into account theneeds and views of the stakeholders from the RM network,Policy makers and NGOs; (d) to identify the areas that needimprovement; (e) propose a road map for the modernizationof the educational programs of the Beneficiary Universitiesthat could be then transferred as a Best practice to other Universitiesof the ESEE Region; (f) to organize pilot activities forthe implementation of the new proposals. The EnAct-SDGs project will cooperate with the existing anddeveloping ecosystems of different EIT RM Innovation (RCLeoben and RC Freiberg) and RIS (RCGREECE and RCKOSICE)HUBs represented by the Consortium. The RM industry hasalready expressed their interest in the project implementationthrough their Letter of Intent.

Projects Relevant to the Sustainable Development Goals
In order to show the vast contribution towards the SDGs made at MUL, RIC Leoben has compiled a list of projects relevant to the Sustainable Development Goals. This list is updated yearly and shows which chairs contribute to which SDG.


01/2020 – 12/2021

EIT RawMaterials – Regional Innovation Scheme

Montanuniversität Leoben (Partner), AGH University ofScience and Technology, Hub Innovazione Trentino – Fondazione,MYTILINEOS HOLDINGS S.A., National Technical Universityof Athens, Technical University of Kosice, TechnischeUniversität Bergakademie Freiberg, Università degli Studi diTrento

RIC Leoben – Anna Meyer

Total: € 459.167

Montanuniversität Leoben: € 55.438