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Events regarding raw materials

September 2021 - Summer School "From Dredging to Deep-Sea Mining"


Striving for independence from the import of Critical Raw Materials, the EU has been making considerable investments towards reaching marine mineral resources. Recent EU projects such as Blue Mining, Blue Nodules, MIDAS, VAMOS, as well as numerous national and international programmes on exploration and exploitation of seabed minerals enabled making considerable progress towards the establishment of European deep-sea mining industry, which has a potential of creating a hundreds-billion market and thousands of new jobs. The current knowledge about deep-sea mining and particularly about the impact of mining activities on the marine environment is quite diversified and often contradictory. This is not conducive to the acceptance of seabed mining by society due to the absence of a clear and holistic picture of seabed mining and its possible environmental footprint. The DSM-School project is aiming to become a platform for the elaboration and dissemination of knowledge in deep-sea mining to increase awareness of wider society on marine mineral resources, state-of-the-art mining technologies, recent investigations on the environmental impact of seabed mining activities, as well as economic, political, social and legislative aspects. The project brings together leading universities, research organizations, and industry professionals to reach the wider society by using different communication tools such as a two-week summer school organized in Germany, the Netherlands and Norway, the Internet, and public events. The DSM-School project assumes to be turned into a long-term, self-sustainable and Europe-wide initiative for the dissemination of knowledge and boosting research and innovations. Project website Registration

13th ESEE Dialogue Conference


Meet the Albanian raw materials community! Including a Pre-Jumpstarter Workshop   Initiated by the EIT RawMaterials Regional Center Leoben at Montanuniversität Leoben in Austria, the East and South East Dialogue Conferences (ESEE DC) aim to foster an international community in the raw materials sector by converging relevant stakeholders from industry, research and education in East and South East Europe. Together wit the Polytechnical University of Tirana we will shine light on the Albanian raw materials community.  

  • High-level dialogues the raw material sector in Albania
  • Insights into Albanian raw material legislation and mineral potential
  • Discussions on the status of critical and secondary raw materials in Albania
  • Entrepreneurship workshop “Pre- Jumpstarter” prior to the conference
  • EIT Jumpstarter is a program that will help you explore if running a startup is something for you and if your ideas have a business potential!
Please join us on a high level conference with a range of interesting speakers! All the best from Leoben!  The ESEE DC Team     Visit the conference website for further information and registration

October 2021 - DIM ESEE - Innovation in exploration


This year’s workshop 'Innovation in exploration' focuses on innovative solutions for mineral prospecting and exploration via module divided into three days: 1. Main challenges and needs in innovative mineral exploration and robotization: General (EU) policy framework for need of innovative methods in mineral exploration | Innovative solutions for and challenges in underwater spaces: sensor development, robotization | Case studies: exploration of flooded underground spaces, the UNEXMIN-UNEXUP story, sea-floor exploration. 2. Remote-sensing- and sensor-based techniques and their application in the construction of 3D models: Drone and remote sensing applications for geochemical and structural geology exploration | Drilling and well-logging data acquisition and interpretation, core scanning application demo | Demonstration of remote sensing data acquisition and interpretation by drones. 3. Advanced geophysical data processing, geostatistical methods and their innovative applications for mineral exploration: Advanced statistical analysis of multivariate (big) datasets and their application for improved lithological analysis and quantitative estimation of petrophysical properties | Inversion-based modeling for the interpretation of gravity, magnetic and geoelectric datasets | Shallow geophysical investigations by combining seismic, geoelectric and direct-push logging methods | Case studies to prospecting of ores and non-metallic mineral resources by shallow geophysical methods.   Participation fee: 400,00 € + VAT Accommodation, meals and all workshop activities   Fee for online participation 100,00 € + VAT   Apply here: