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The Resources Innnovation Center of the Montanuniversität Leoben (RIC Leoben) bundles all raw material innovation and sustainability activities of the university and acts as a coordinator and catalyst for topic and project development with internal and external stakeholders across the university’s institutes.
First and foremost, the RIC Leoben operates the participation of the Montanuniversität in the EIT RawMaterials as an official Regional Center since 1.1.2015.
Today, the RIC Leoben supervises research projects on the topics of digitalization of extraction, preparation and processing processes as well as supply chains for raw materials, innovative raw materials for digitalization as well as substitution of critical raw materials, for example high-purity elemental carbon.
Through its raw material innovation activities, RIC Leoben has addressed the topic area of climate change and the effect of both circular and linear raw material flows in this context. This has also led to the development of numerous activities in the field of climate action and planetary boundaries.