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Sustainable Montanuniversität

One activity at the RIC Leoben is to support and guide the university on its way to a sustainable university management. For this aim RIC Leoben has initiated and co-created a number of activities and events:


2020 marks the start of C02-accounting at MUL. Assessing the status quo of CO2-emissions allows to set strategic goals to reduce emissions as well as monitoring the development of this reduction in the coming years. The benefit of this activity is to create a clear picture of the produced emissions of the university and to be able to communicate reached reduction goals. The accounting is conducted with ClimCalc, a tool developed in an Alliance Working Group.

Sustainable Development Panel

In 2019 Montanuniversität Leoben has founded an institutional Sustainable Development Panel, which is concerned with the implementation of sustainable development in research, teaching and organization. The Panel is a consortium of professors dedicated to sustainability and works in close cooperation with RIC Leoben to centrally plan and initiate activities that foster sustainability.


Green Office

Green Office is an initiative of RIC Leoben at MUL, which allows employees to assess how sustainable and „green“ their office routine is. Are you working at MUL? Join Green Office and fill in the excel sheet and return it to us to earn a certificate on your contribution to a sustainable planet!