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The Resources Innovation Center Leoben at Montanuniversität Leoben is home to the university’s international partnerships in the areas of sustainable science, education and industrialization. Our vision is to make a climate friendly, sustainable future in the raw materials sector.

Journey 2020



The Journey is a EIT Climate KIC summer school programme for Master/PhD students and young professionals and is held in through July, August and September. It focuses on climate action, innovation, systems transformation, and community building. Due to current circumstances, the Journey will go online! We are preparing an extraordinary experience for the participants, unique for its complexity and multiple level of climate actions conserved even in a digital format! We are excited to see the results of this innovative format and we are equally looking forward to the challenge of a digital Journey. Leoben will “host” the first two weeks for 40 of the 400 young professionals that are participating in the Journey all over the world.

July 2020 – SafeDeepMining

We are proud to see a publication in the International Mining magazine about our SafeDeepMining project. Visit for course information and keep up the good work!

Mag. Magdalena Bechter

Magdalena joined the team of the RIC Leoben in September 2019 as Education Project Manager. She is responsible for many different EIT RawMaterials projects, combining the raw materials sector with the field of education. Her main goal in her projects is to make people, especially students, aware of what raw materials are and subsequently inform them about how raw materials form an important part of (the) circular economy. Magdalena studied English and Spanish (teaching degree) at the University of Vienna. She spent her time wisely as traveled and lived abroad as much as she could. Before joining RIC she worked as a Fulbright teaching assistant at the University of Montana-Missoula. Now she is excited to learn about the world of raw materials and share this knowledge with others.


RockVader – Smart Hard Rock Mining System

For securing future raw materials supply, new solutions are required to enhance economically viable mining operations. Especially in the currently challenging economic environment there is a need to improve the Net Present Value (NPV) of ore deposits: The metal and mineral mining industry is demanding an increase of the current development rates for underground headings from the presently achieved average 4-6 m/day (by drill & blast operation) to 10-20 m/day.

The objective of the project is to prove and make ready for marketing this new mechanical cutting machine which will at least double the excavation speed of underground roadway developments, compared to the present state of the art technology of drilling & blasting.

The fast and safe mechanical excavation of the new Rock Vader system will enhance economic and safe mining for the future by increasing the development rate and by providing an accurate and smooth tunnel profile.



RockVader – Smart Hard Rock Mining System

EIT RawMaterials – Upscaling

MUL, Sandvik, Wolfram, DMT, VTT, KGHM;

Lehrstuhl für Automation – Paul O`Leary

Total: € 4.096.739

MUL: € 273.906